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British Bulldog Guidelines

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British Bulldog Guidelines Empty British Bulldog Guidelines

Post  robbo1970 Tue Jul 15, 2008 7:37 pm

British Bulldog Guidelines

These guidelines are here to help the team and the captain make fair judgement on team decisions. They are here to make sure the team do not suffer points due to the minority and therefore make the experience more enjoyable…..hopefully!!

Entry to the team:

1. Minimum required rating 1400
2. Minimum won games 20
3. Maximum allowed timeouts 10%
4. Players only from Great Britain

What is asked from you while you are a British Bulldog:

1. You post your preferences on the team forum
2. You assist the team captain with your game allocations
3. You do not allow team games to timeout

What will happen if you timeout team games

• You will be asked for reason for the timeouts
• It will be the captains discretion if the reason is valid
• The captain will limit your games for a period of their judgement to ensure the team do not suffer too many losses
• If the reason is not valid or you are un-contactable for a period of 2 weeks you will be expelled from the team

Persistent offenders of timeouts will be expelled instantly
The captains can veto any rule at his discretion

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